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Tangyue Memorial Archways and the Bao’s Private Garden

This scenic area is located in Tangyue Village, 10 km away from the ancient Huizhou Town and 27 km away from Tunxi, the seat of the municipal government of Huangshan city.
Tangyue village, more than 800 years old across the four successive dynasties of Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing, boasts of the seven grand and solemn memorial archways: the calm and dignified male memorial hall, the elegant and dignified female memorial hall, the filiety memorial hall inscribed with the names and stories of the filial descendents of the Bao family, and other memorial halls of patriarchal ideas, charity, scholars gatherings, academy learning and local public grain reserve.
Complementary to the archways is the garden views at the Bao’s estate. Based on the precipitating of history, the garden is built in the background of the residential landscape. Taking the bonsais of Huizhou style among other styles from both home and abroad, the garden blends pavilions with a small bridge over the running the flowing stream. Recognized as the best of Huizhou culture for its grandeur, it’s not only one of the Ten Top Scenic Spots in Huangshan city, but was listed as an AAAA scenic spot by the National Tourism Administration in 2005. It makes a perfect painting of the Huizhou businessmen’s home by combining “the Three Wonders of Ancient Huizhou Architecture”: the ancient memorial archways, the memorial halls and the civilian residences.


  • 古徽州文化旅游区
  • 古徽州文化旅游区

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