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The Ancient Huizhou Culture Tourist Zone: An introduction

Located in Huangshan city, the home of Huizhou culture, the Ancient Huizhou Culture Tourism Zone consists of the Ancient Huizhou Town, Garden of the Bao family together with Tangyue Memorial Archways, the ancient villages at Tangmo and Chengkan villages and the ancient civilian residences in Qiankou Village. This area stretches north as far as the Huangshan Mountains and receives Qiandaohu Lake in the south. Among others, the ancient Huizhou Town, which used to be the prefecture of Huizhou Prefecture, is one of the four best reserved ancient towns in China. Tangyue Memorial Archways, seven stone archways across the Ming and Qing dynasties, make the most impressive view in Chinese memorial archway groups. Tangmo Ancient Village, boasting of elegant and exquisite pastoral scenery, is recognized as the number one garden featuring its geomantic considerations of streams and ponds in the village planning in China. Different from Tangmo, Chengkan is known as the number one Fengshui (geomantic omen) village in China. Its landscape is arranged in accordance with the geomantic theories, as are recorded in I Ching (Book of Changes), and illustrates the philosophy that everything in the universe reinforces each other. Qiankou ancient civilian residences are renowned as a living monograph of the civilian architecture of the Ming and Qing dynasties. There gather the most classical and representative ones of all, which would make you feel as if you were back to the ancient Huizhou 500 years ago if you take a closer look. The Ancient Huizhou Culture Tourism Zone, combining the cultures of Huizhou ancient town, ancestral temples, memorial archways, ancient Huizhou businessmen, ancient villages and residences, impresses the world like a living painting with its Huizhou Culture, one of the three best known regional cultures in China.


  • 古徽州文化旅游区
  • 古徽州文化旅游区

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