Located in Huangshan city, the home of Huizhou culture, the Ancient Huizhou Culture Tourism Zone consists of the Ancient Huizhou Town...【more
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Qiankou Ancient Residential Houses

       Qianokou civilian residences, located along Zixia Mountains, Qiankou Town, Huizhou District of Huangshan City, consists Ming Garden and Qing Garden respectively. Ming Garden and Qing Garden, as their names imply, gather the residences of The Ming and Qing Dynasties respectively.
       For better centralized protection, 24 pieces of the Ming and Qing architecture scattered in the locality are gathered in Qiankou village: ancient civilian residence, memorial halls, archways, ancient stages, pavilions and bridges, which make Qiankou “a monograph of the Ming and Qing folk art” and provide the firsthand resources for studying Chinese architecture and its history. It was listed among the national cultural relics protection units by the State Council and became an AAAA scenic area in August, 2007.



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