Located in Huangshan city, the home of Huizhou culture, the Ancient Huizhou Culture Tourism Zone consists of the Ancient Huizhou Town...【more
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The Ancient Huizhou Town


      The Ancient Huizhou Town scenic area is the center of the historical and cultural Shexian County. It used to be the prefecture. Clustered by mountains and rivers, it looks delicate and attractive from the outside. Stepping inside, you may be impressed by its elegantly primitive and simple layout produced by its ancient bridges, towers, lanes, streets, dams and memorial archways. Here are six such scenic spots as the Oriental Triumphal Arch Xu Guo Memorial Archway, the symbolic government office of the ancient Huizhou town, the Doushan Street, number one street of southern Yangtze, the birthplace of Huizhou businessmen the ancient Yuliang Dock, Huizhou grand view garden Huizhou Garden, the national educational base of Tao Xingzhi Memorial Hall.



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